doubt you can
i'm also 09 but for different reason lol

yes i think they should compromise and let you have 2010 tbf

The short answer is no TBH

lol didnt you sort of think about this when you chose your username!!

But no, they wont change it as your username doesnt reveal any "real" details about you

Think its cool shows that you been a member for a long time !! :o)

No change till 2050, so sorted.

Not a good enough excuse to change your name.


09 isn't a long time!

sorry mr elitest.

You should have planned ahead like matt3454.

My username needs changing tbf.

I think my avatar needs changing the most but im just too lazy.

well, I'm an '08! think about me!

same here i am stuck with 1234


I have asked for a slight change and it was refused

Can I change mine?

It's meant to say DANIEL... but I'm dyslexic


You should have planned ahead like matt3454.

Good one Mandi (_;)
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if you want a change just say it's your birth date which is personal information
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