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Also another advantage with rating based on views is it shows the consistency of a member. Suppose

1. a member posting single thread received 750 degrees,
2. another member posting 4 threads worth 800 degree with double the number of views,

I feel HUKD should promote the second set also...
Edited by: "getknk" 19th Nov 2010

mmm-so what if you post the coldest deal in history? something utterly ridiculous that loads of people view,comment and vote negative-and you get a badge for that then? based on the number of views?

If this were a democracy , I would vote for the end of anything which indicated post count, likes, badges, first post and anything else of that ilk.

They are IMO counter-productive; engendering a spurious competitive edge in contradiction of a community helpfulness.

Edited by: "chesso" 20th Nov 2010

Getknk. - we do count the average of deals but this also works both ways as poor deals will bring down your rank (same as in your example with views).

Also the problem is views could be attracted by cold deals or miseries or even misinformation.

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thanks Admin & others. Agree to your points...
But i feel we could put some logic into the number of views, as I feel people who put decent deals are somehow not getting noticed..
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