Hi @Bashop There already is What you need to do is find the relevant group.

On the Menu dropdown these are the main level 1 groups and under these you'll have level 2 etc to further filter the content you want to find. I'll drop some examples below:

Cameras - Camera deals
DSLR Cameras - DSLR Camera
Nikon Lens - Nikon Lens

These are under the Electronics group. Find loads more here - hotukdeals.com/tag…ics
Doubt it.
If we can't have laptops/computers/tablets (bearing in mind the number of questions related to laptops in the Ask section), then I wouldn't have thought we would get photography either.
there used to be audiovisual section for cameras and stuff but that was too easy and they removed i
there are way too many groups - its just glorified tags which are pretty useless
seriously want people to look at camera and dslr camera and nikon lens and hope that someones tagged it right etc?
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