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For example:
Any header of further information written by the poster cannot be seen. Uhhhhrgh today it's decided to drive me insane. Many thanks and lots of love if you can help me fix this!

Have you inadvertently changed to "text only" view?

I'm in an iPad, and to the right of the All categories box (near the top), there's a "cog" and down arrow. Select this and untick "text only"
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Ok I see. On windows I found the settings here
I then scrolled down to see this

However, toggling from Simple to Detailed even and back again doesn't change anything. I thought that would have been it, sigh.

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on your right hand side you will see Show Tools + click it and their you … on your right hand side you will see Show Tools + click it and their you will see VIEW OPTIONS:Text only Exclude Expired Show Online Deals Only

from Your text here

Apparently since then "Text only" was removed from this area in options

According to Find tool on the front page of hotukdeals, text only toggle is at the top...

But I can't see it highlighted in yellow

oh it's in here now o_O
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