i use to be into it,i wouldnt bother buying a cheapy board though as they tend to crack in the middle,i had a scrub one that broke in the middle


Did you buy it from co-op? LOL

no,thats enough of all this co-op crap on here,why dont you get him a kayak instead if your near the sea?:thumbsup:

Original Poster

Anyone else having problems?


tried 3 times

Had it confirmed by two other members as well

Detective work tells me problem started 1 hour 30 mins ago

I cant upload anything to misc

Original Poster

Not just me then, phew.

I have tried uploading something to Misc 3 times too and it just bounces you back to the putting all your info in again

Come on mods can you have a look at this???


Moved to Feedback & we are now aware of the problem & investigating, thanks.

** Update : it should be working again now :thumbsup:

Thanks Sigma,

Just to let you know I have been able to upload to "DEAL Requests" but not "MISC" and "For Sale" threads.


Original Poster

Can confirm submit to misc is working now, ta.

Working me for too now, thanks Sigma
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