Is there a standard set of conditions for each merchant? That way we could probably automate it somehow...

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They tend to be standard for each merchant on 12month contracts, they differ on 18month contracts usually with just more claims, but at the same time they get updated etc.

It would be quite a pain to constantly check, or possibly rely on peeps on the forums to notify HUKD of any changes?

Well that's kind of what I'm worried of. It's one thing to warn people and for them to check but another to provide information and for it to be potentially wrong, as in that case we would be liable (not in a legal sense but neighbourly sense) for misleading someone.

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Good point, HUKD providing inaccurate information would be very bad.

OK, scrap that particular point, but I still like the idea of a nice big disclaimer page explaining that cashback details are complex and that all customers should contact the retailer if unsure, explaining in brief the risks as I said above...

Is there a standard link to the T&C's on each merchant? that might be the easiest?

As i showed with BuyMobilePhones.Net, not all merchants make it clear about the time scale for cashback claims.
No mention of 14 days in their T&C's:-
Good idea schizo, it's just a pity it can't be implemented in some way.

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Most tend to have their T&C's on their pages, not that I know mobile retailers every site. But links change, terms are different per deal sometimes, depending on size of cashback.
I agree with your initial reaction, keep terms here would be bad, trying to link to them as well would be niggly too, though I suppose the poster would provide the link direct to the cashback conditions making sure it's up to date and relevent to to the deal being posted.

I think if we had a HotUKDeals wiki as you suggested Paul then I could have a mobiles section and a page for each merchant with information. I could keep track of it easily that way I think...?

i think this would be a great thing to do . alot of people lose alot of money ,just because they make a silly mistake.
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