The listing moved to Misc was simply a notice about the ability to get cashback through a third party. I think people realise they can use cashback sites if they want to there's no sense making repeated lists of it.

A mobile phone with cashback is a merchant offer so that's a bit different.

The Amazon one was actually a very very good tip and I think that was a deal.

Sure there's grey areas like on the Amazon one I don't think it's the nature of the deal specifically but rather that it is a huge site and there have been many complaints about that mixed search. So it was very relevant...

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The Amazon one was actually a very very good tip

So ... that makes it a tip. A filter system on a website isn't a deal. I personally felt that the posting that was moved was notification that Churchill was a deal and that Quidco was an extra on top.

It just helps people posting, when it is clear what is happening on the site and where to post. It is the whole point of the site after all ...

Yeah tips are ok. The Churchill deal in this case just said use Quidco for cashback on Churchill which I don't think we want the deals forum to become a list of things you can get cashback on. I think of it like "use Nectar and get points on tinned beans". Generally that's not a deal... but if it was like buy four tinned beans on special offer and then combine with some special Nectar bonus points promo on beans maybe it would be?

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But, by the postings in the thread - Churchill WAS a deal in itself with cashback to make it even better (a profit). There isn't too many cashback items where you can make a profit buy gaining an item ... apart from Mobile Phone Cashback Deals.

Wow, that seems a very good quotation even without the quidco.

From other insurance threads on here it is always very variable which provider is giving the best quote and in this case it didn't seem Churchill was running anything different?

On the note you bring up that has come up with travel insurance in the past and that stayed in deals.

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If a mobile phone cashback deal didn't have the cashback it wouldn't be on the deals surely, or it would be voted cold? Because it wouldn't be a deal without the cashback! (Just another point).

We could keep "discussing" this all day. It in misc and that's fine, it's not a great loss. I just think it should be clear as to where cashback deals should be posted. And as you have already stated the Amazon Tip is a tip (albeit very good) - so I presume this will now be moved to the correct misc section.

Tips are ok as deals as long as they are deals.

Nothing is black and white highguyuk. Hopefully you can see the idea behind the moves and if you can think of a rule that accommodates the rules and exceptions I'd be happy to use it.

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But the Amazon tip isn't a deal, it's just a way to filter the site correctly. Should I post this new site as a deal now that we can filter till our hearts are contented?

And the cashback, my rule would be to leave them as deals. If they are good, they will be voted hot. If not, they will go very cold and people will ignore them. No harm done - and people don't miss out if they are good.

Why not reinstate the 'tips' section anyway. I think that would increase the number of actual tips - back to 'old site' (dare I say it) levels. I have come across a couple of things that I might have posted but didn't, because they were neither vouchers nor deals as such.

If its a good tip post it in deals chesso as it's a deal. That's how I see it anyway... if it's something that helps you work the system and get a deal then it's part of the deal. If it's like always brush your teeth before a date then it's not... If it's just a recommendation though I don't think that's a tip either.

In any case post it - worst case scenario is that it'll be moved to Misc.

highguyuk, the difference is that with mobile deals it is the RETAILER offering the cashback discount with the QuidCo cashback on top.

With insurance it is just the QuidCo cashback and not an offer from the retailer... if you understand what I mean?


Have to agree with the mods on this topic otherwise the main deal section could be inundated with the quidco deals.
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