We have seperate retailers for great unversal in the list, there is only the one for kays.

If you want a seperate listing for kays lifestyle, you just create it as a new merchant the next time you post a code?

Is this what you mean? Can they not just be put under the same retailer?

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Great Universal one is fine.

Great Universal Essentials needs sorting.

Kays - first code needs adding to a Kays Lifestyle

Hope this helps you! :thinking:

I don't know what I can do personally to fix it

Not quite following you there... :?

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Ok. Here goes Emma! lol

Kays Lifestyle
XX220 - 10% off : this is currently under Kays heading, needs to be moved.

Great Universal
D7E8 - 20% Off
D6KN - £10 off £50
20 - 20% off 1st Order
These codes are under Great Universal Essentials heading, needs to be moved.


Great Universal
D9 - £20 off 1st order
D76H - £10 off £50
These are fine!

Do you understand my format? :thinking: :giggle:

OK, that makes it clear, and I see what you mean.

Would the codes only work at the sites you have them listed under, or would all those G U codes work under either GU or GUE for example. ?

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Good good! lol

The GU codes won't work with GUE.
The K's codes won't work with KL.

You get me now?? :thumbsup:

Yes, I see.

I'll try and fix things up What about in the future - if people post codes under the wrong retailer?

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I don't know emma.

Surely they will see which retailer to put codes under :thinking:

You would think that Birdy.... but people still create merchants called curry or woolworth when currys and woolworths are clearly in this list... etc :?

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Hmmm......can you not do a prompt that pops up or something?

If not, will have to wait til that time comes! lol :?
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