It ran away.

So did I! Screen just frozw :-((((

You're hallucinating after staying up all night searching for them...?

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Mine let me click on it, but couldn't seem to find it's way to my collection :-(

Mine just did that! Clicked the box and it just disappeared

I bet they were the gold ones too ;-)


I bet they were the gold ones too ;-)

You had that too? I thought it was just meeee

Happened to me too...says view your collection and twice not shown up.

Mine were platinum...;-)

Happened twice to me too. Came up automatically saying I had caught a flamedeer (without me having to click to 'catch') Then went to my collection and they weren't there

Today was weird because as soon as I logged on one appeared and as soon as I clicked it disappeared and my collection opened up on its own rather than me clicking to view it and the deer was there.

Strange... maybe there was a glitch on the site, if it all happened this morning? I found a flamedeer but it did get added to my collection.
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