Thanks for the suggestion. We ask that if people vote cold on a particular deal, they comment within the deal thread to state their reasons why. Hopefully this encourages discussion on the deal, and in turn is a good place to look should you have problems with buying/redeeming; which may be the reason for the cold vote in the first place. Top comments will also rise to the top of thread, making sure you don't miss something important, like any deal changes, or a hilarious GIF.

Sometimes certain retailers/items are voted cold due to repetitive posting of same deal, issues with deal/retailer last time. Don't let this put you off posting, if one person benefits then it was worth it in my opinion.(_;)

I'll be sure to pass your suggestion on to the relevant team.


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Thanks for your reply , I've posted numerous deals etc and have found that it is very rare for anyone to leave a reason as to why they have voted cold, if you read my last post asking people to say why they have voted cold the response is "because you want a reason why I have now voted cold" not very helpful for anyone!

[ hotukdeals.com/fee…027 ]

Available upon request: Many, many other references, responses, comments, & statements from Admin about why this is never going to happen.

Just one of those past examples...

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juliet_bravo - Aug 23, 2010 14:42

Taken from the original help & advice panel-If members feel an apple … Taken from the original help & advice panel-If members feel an apple product, for example, is comparable with another item and they do not think the apple represents good value, then of course they should state that within the thread. However we cannot be too strict with regards to forcing members to justify their votes. It will be detrimental to how the site works and the organic nature in which "hot" deals are voted as such.

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