I'd like a chat room, but I think it should only really be used for chat.

Most questions in the forum are answered quickly, and in my opinion a chat room means that answers to questions that other users may also want answering won't be there in the forum for them.

On the other hand, it'd be good for social events on the site such as Bingo and anything else like that we'd like.

I don't think this is a good idea

Chat rooms are okay, but you might as well just open up your own Yahoo [or similar] room and restrict it to HotUKDeals members.

It's better that everyone can read replies in their own time from threads they're interested in. Trying to follow in a live chat room isn't that easy for everyone.

I prefer without a dedicated chat room too

Well I guess we can use [url]www.duckmagicuk2.co.uk/chat.html[/url] for things like Bingo, so a special room here isn't really necessary.

Just to point out that if a really good offer/deal was to be brought up in the live chat then what would someone do if they came in from work and had missed there chance of reading it ?
I suppose you could have a chat room just dedicated to speaking about deals that have been issued (registered) on hotukdeals.

Im all for the just read it in my own time posts tho

I like a chat room for the purpose a quick banter! Nothing serious or on topic!
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