Hi twyzt,

On every post you make there is a little member summary on the left under your username. It says when you joined, how many posts you have and what your Karma is.

If you want to see all your posts you can click on your member name and then click on "View all posts by this member"

(p.s. It's 10 posts ;))

Welcome here!!

Also you need to post in the main forum to get the posts to show up under your name. Posts submitted to the front page go straight to Administration, but they are acknowledged to be from the person submitting them, if they cam be used. Acknowledgement is at the end of each front page post, it won't show under your name though.

Welcome to HUKD by the way

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Hi Admin n Rayman, such a friendly community lol. Usually when you join some place, you get slated for asking simple questions.

Anyway I have got this totally wrong! I thought it was 10 posts on the main page, as in you had to submit 10 deals. I realise now that for the forum you have a number of posts and ranking system. Maybe they should put in place a system like that for submitting deals?

And before, I did mean to say about the deals you had posted on the main page, is there any way of keeping track of the deals, and something to show how much you have contributed?

Hi twyzt,

Nope it's just 10 posts anywhere in the forum. Of course the more deals you contribute the happier everyone is

If you post something through the front page we credit the member name at the bottom of the post but it's not "tracked". If you post your deal in the forum we'll probably pick it up to and then users can also give you karma.

It's up to you!

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Yeah I understand, so then as this is the suggestions part, I have a suggestion, that could maybe increase the number of deals that are contributed...

Keep track of who has posted what, and then have like a league of the top contributers. You could do it weekly/monthly with a small prize for the winner. When it becomes like a competition it sometimes brings out the best in people?

Or the worst It's a good idea though. We regularly do have promos and now that there is karma it might be a nice way to ensure that everyone plays fair and does actually try to be helpful rather than selfish (when a promo is on).
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