tricky to know what they are going to reduce in price... best bet is to reserve the day before and then check the website before going into Argoose! (or is that what you mean't anyway?)


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Yeah, what i am saying Think, is to anticipate their sale, which i know is darn impossible, so, reserve what you think you want, hoping it get's reduced, and yes, the day before the sale starts

nothing to lose with trying!

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Another good rule of thumb.. if you didn't want it enough to reserve it beforehand then you probably don't want it enough to buy it even at sale prices... What saves more? buying a cheap item you don't really want or not buying anything at all.

Am i missing something?

you certainly are grdesign...what's worth a try??

I think loupomm means 'Gift Ideas' section @ Argos. Good for lastminute gifts :santa:

Where: ]Argos

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As it happens no, Loupomm was replying to THIS, the thread must have been moved as she replied

Now merged :santa:

Now I look silly!

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Lol, sorry the lad

Don't worry about looking silly grdesign we can't see you

You'd have to reserve each item with a separate reservation code, or else there'll be an embarrassingly long list of stuff...
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