I don't see us starting a forum just for that but a thread in the Hot Deals forum would be a good idea! Plus don't forget the Amazon Deals section and sorting by price there.

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It was just a suggestion.... Christmas is approaching fast and a lot of people look for those under ten pound deals/presents for relatives, kids christmas stockings and secret santas... :thumbsup:

Alot of supermarkets and large stores started on this bandwagon already, it'll fully take off come November, 1200+ people browsing this forum now, I bet it hits over 2000 by Jan `07, people will want xmas related threads, I believe

I've made a thread to hold some offers:

I'd appreciate it if you could post in it if you happen to spot any little items that aren't really good enough for a post of their own, but would be ok in there..



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cheers emma....i think this is gonna be very popular

I think so too... it's starting off a bit slow, but we've had a few ideas in there already.

I think it may be a handy resource if you're looking for something, but don't want to trawl all the different sites...
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