Maybe I'm taking this too personally? But I am really upset about the … Maybe I'm taking this too personally? But I am really upset about the fact that this is done without any consultation or attempt to find out whether there is any validity behind the accusation at all.

And here lays my major gripe with HUKD, I have had my issues in the past, Some mole hills I have escalated, some genuine (in my opinion).

But this point you make here really grinds me, It's a community site, user inputted with the occasional posts by mods (that we can live without I kid), But what seems to be ignored or just taken for granted is that users on this website take time from their personal lives, lives outside of HUKD to post deals, now I won't get into the financial benefit for HUKD, but users taking time here does benefit HUKD, and when cases like this arise they are given a generic copy and paste message with absolutely no direct relevance to the deal in question.

Chin up top lad, all deals are appreciate, onwards and upwards to the next one


Hi there,

The infraction handed to you from the moderators was based on a referral tag you used.
We're happy to chat further with you about it, and show you the specific tag and the problem with using that, you've a link within the private message you received from our moderators for this.

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