One of the reasons could be that even as hard as it is to believe, in this country people are still Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

People's opinions do not matter, its a court of law that matters and he was found not gulilty.

Grow up, if you dont like it dont read it

If you see a post promoting something you don't like, you dont have to buy it do you?
you don't even have to post your feelings about it either, it's up to every individual what they want to do.

Its a deal forum not an opinion forum

To answer your question, it would have been a mod who removed it. ( Maybe after someone reported it. )
The OP has no power to edit/remove other peoples comments. :thumbsup:

The op of a thread cannot remove comments in the thread. The only people that can are mods.

Your comments may have been seen as thread spoiling or as being irrelevant to the deal and therefore removed by the mods.

If you want to start a discussion whether Michael Jackson items should be allowed on Hot Deals then Misc or Feedback is the correct section for that.

End of the day its personal choice as to whether you buy any MJ stuff or not.

The word alleged in you op post says it all. HE was found not guilty.


Stab in the dark, as I never saw it, but as MJ was found to be innocent and GG guilty, your comment could have possibly been libelous?

This thread?

There seem to be more comments in there which are not relevant to the deal itself, but focussing on various aspects of MJ himself.

OP - your comment will have been removed by a mod, as remarked ^; most likely after your post was reported.

'Misc' is the forum for discussion of that type - not 'deals' and not 'feedback'

Your posts were mod removed as they were off topic, and had no relevance to the deal itself



Still there, always has been. I can't see any of your posts which have been deleted.

It's too easy for posts to drift with comments not directly related to the deal. These examples from you are not related to the deal in question. You should also be aware that we cannot age verify members here, so comments made should always bear this in consideration.


Thread closed, unless the OP is referring to another thread. In which case, do let us know.

Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this feedback.