I think leaving feedback in the thread of each deal, good or bad would be best. A short and to the point recommendation or criticism should be fine. That way it would be more relevent, as companies move on from either good or bad services, as well as direct relevence to each deal.

Failing that, a good rant in the miscellaneous section might help

It's a good idea problemuser. I think as you note that the deal forum isn't really the place for a big rant in a thread, I also agree with Ray.

I'd draw the line as whether the info is relevant to the deal. So for example if you dealt with MobileWonder (made up name) and they gave you a used phone, or reneged on contract agreements that would be relevant information to post if a new deal came along from them.

However, if it's just a general problem, like customer service from CheapCPU (made up name) is horrible and a long sob story of what happened, that's probably best left out of a thread as it may be specific to your situation and not the posted deal in question.

Does that division make sense? As Ray said the Misc. forum is open to any long winded ventings you may have in the meantime

So, yes good idea on the ratings, I'll put it on the consideration/possible to-do list.

If it is going to be good/bad then maybe you should introduce something along the lines of a company Karma. There is a lot of potential for this. You could do one for successful transactions, returns, customer service etc.

Rather then doing it in the Misc. section, maybe creating another section called 'Company Information' could be an idea. Each thread within the section would be a different company, and there users can put their own opinions about the company in question? If that makes sense.

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I think what i'm trying to get at is some way of separating how good the deal is from how good the company is - to my mind the Deal forum posts should be about debating the deal, suggesting alternatives, ... - basically getting people the best deal on whatever the subject line is offering. I don't think it's appropriate to post the same rant in every deal concerning any particular company (e.g. the eBuyer Lottery Stock System TM).

On the other hand i'm acutely aware that it would be very easy for things to turn things nasty as I'd imagine folk can get very emotional very quickly when it comes to poor customer service.

I'm not critising the site in any way :oops:, I just don't think that there's a useful place for this kind of company feedback in the system just now.

Yup I agree problemuser. That's what I was trying to say in a way, that if the problem about the company affects the deal in question directly then post about it. However if it's a general complaint about the company it's best left out of the thread. As you note people get emotional quickly and sometimes their bad experience doesn't make the deal bad.

So yup it would be good to have a useful review section, with ratings and short comment area. I think you can find examples of this on some price comparison sites but it would be nice to have our own right in HUKD.
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