Nice idea, good for morale!


Thanks for posting this brooke007bond

Could I suggest rather than "If you do think it is a good idea then let admin know via the "contact Us" at the bottom of the page, and maybe we will get it.." that people discuss it within this thread.

It will be better for all HUKD users to see all the different opinions on this matter rather than it be private ie sending PM's to admin.


would be loverly to see that its not all entirely fruitless some of us arent infected with the luck virus.

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Yes I agree, thats a better idea.

Sounds good :thumbsup:


Sounds good :thumbsup:

Yes I agree

Good idea

Great Idea, I'm yet to win anything and sometimes I actually wonder if anyone else does. It would be good to know all the form filling was worth it.

Top tip for anyone entering loads of comps download Roboform then you put your details into that ONCE and then click one button and it will fill in every field on the page nice n easy, the only things it struggles with are flash based forms but most are just plain text

Good luck!!

Great advice cheers

Great suggestion lets see some winners:)


this needs to be added. Good idea.

i also think is there any point in doing them... so this would really help because atleast you know people are winning

:thumbsup: Yes please, I would like some encouragement even though it's fun Jo


dj_urban votes yes

great idea

can we have one for "losers" aswell please :thumbsup:
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