Good idea, that way we know some one WILL win unlike most competitions i bet no body wins, It's just a way to get peoples addresses for spam and sell them on.

I'm more than happy to giving some prizes away aswell

could also be good to have a list of HUKD members who have actually won something from entering these competitions.

just to see if anyone does actually win on these things.

just so you guys dont give up hope - i am a frequent "enterer" of internet comps and in the past 2 years I have won

* multiple concert tickets (incl David Gray, Anastacia, Scissor Sisters)
* an xbox 360 with game
* a sony NW-HD1 20gb music player
* some CDs
* a whole day at an awards ceremony at Park Lane Hilton Hotel (free booze)
* a couple of books
* other small stuff i cant remember like t-shirts etc.

So don't give up hope y'all!

That's a good package of prizes...All I ever won was two mars bars and a bottle of low alcohol lager (which was a booby prize)...Oh yes and the TV choice magazine for Christmas chocolates which I didn't get...

i won a cracker full of maltesers once, also a lego spaceship, but that was through a colouring in compition so i dont class it as the same, as that was down to sheer skill.

apart from that nothing..... and all that was about 20 years ago!

must be due a biggen soon!

Ive won a couple of comps

I did once win a very cheap camera, better than nothing eh

i think mark has won all the top prizes in all the competitions everyone else here has entered

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Can we have some input from the mods here ? I have presents to give away !

I am another frequent competition enterer, well for the last year or so.

Some of the prizes i have won are:-

dvd player + years free dvd rental
box full of elemis products woth £375
A pc
england vs pakistan tickets

I would love to have the chance of entering even more competitions though,lol

I'll comment Parky - I have no say on this, I was waiting for admin to comment.

All I can say is this: submit the competition ideas through the "Contact us" link once they are set up on your site, and we'll do the usual. I don't think there would be any chance of a seperate forum for them though...

I enter loads of comps but not won anything yet!

ps I've got a pashmina that i got free from comfort that i'm willing to enter in a competition!

I once won a second prize in a competition: a tray of bottles of dandruff shampoo:giggle:

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idea to admin on the way ! :thumbsup:
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