The green boxes represent reputation, not post count.

The bit for post count is under your username... "Pilot Light"

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so i have norep

guy gave me negative aND posted grate deal thanks in comments!

If it had a grey box, it wasn't a negative rep...

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whats grey box mean then

theres no explanation of the sytem used here maybe an idea !!!

Neutral or turned off ....

The neg rep is gone now anyway!!

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lol just read that in another thread!

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heres another question y are some light green some dark ???

random or not?

It's just the colors. The first 5 blocks are dark, then go light after that.

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ok then thanks!is there like a table eg

1-30rep =1
so on
and so on

No...er... we're not quite sure when it jumps to another box. Maybe admin might know!

Why have you got that massive red signature??

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lol i dint notice that lol lowering font size now!

must have been brother!


btw that was my last question except the 1 about the spring clean :P

What happened to neg. rep lol?!?

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it whent walkies because noobs leaving stupid neg for nothin !

Oh dear!!

Perhaps it's good then that it's gone!


What happened to neg. rep lol?!?

its gone
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