more chance of striking oil in your garden

I always get a reply, have you already had a reply and are just repeating something thats been answered?

Everytime* i've used it I have had a reply within ten minutes

*I have only used it once

I just PM all the Mods and normally get a response from one pretty quickly.



Not needed fella.:whistling:

I've been ignored or they are very busy?

Original Poster

i couldnt pm as i was suspended wrongly may i say

maybe because i was pointing an error out. i also have pm the mod in question............................... no reply yet

2x messges sent over last 2 weeks,no reply

I read somewhere that you only get a reply if it's felt it warrants a response.


As above, if your enquiry was something that needed responding to, then we'd have got in touch.

As it is, you know exactly what you received your suspension for, plus past offences were taken into consideration.

Locking thread.

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