Cookies issues can be caused by a firewall. Zonealarm does it, since it blocks certain sites from adding cookies. Do you have Zonealarm, or any other firewall?

One thing i did when i had cookie issues, was to find the cookies folder on my pc, and delete them all, in the folder and browser too (eg, internet explorer or firefox et. al)

Once deleted resize the browser window, so you can see the cookies folder too, and as you click on different sites, watch for the cookies appearing. If they're not doing, this could be the issue.

Adjust your security settings within the browser as a final option, usually found in tools|options, and look for privacy or similar.

Also take the advice of many on here and use a seperate browser for your quidco transactions...I use Opera and haven't dropped a cashback since...and i have zone alarm firewall.

Yeah as currychops says, use one of the many browsers available, just for tracking QuidCo [Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Slim Browser, Avant] for example
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