Set the options in customise - then click Save - then click on Custom tab. I don't think it gives you the text only link when you are in Custom tab rather you set it in your options.

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Thanks for that, but that's what i did.
Simple premise i, i don't wanna view the Misc forum.
So, went to custom, and selected all, except Misc
But when you go back to custom, there is not text only
There isn't as you said Paul, an option for text only whilst tweaking
Not too worry, and thanks for the reply

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No, have done it
Go to customise as decscribed
Select all the forums you want and the next 3 groups of options
Adjust as apt filtering preferences
Viewing preferences need to be:
Simple View, and

Click save, and job done
No more Misc!

I've just checked mine and it's working ok. Make sure you have checked off "text only" in the customise settings. Not sure how to help otherwise!

Edit: Oh ok great!

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Thanks Paul, much appreciated
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