I can't quite see the change in the vouchers section, but I didn't use it often. :-)

The emails are very cool and fast (see to be beating my own notifier anyway) - one minor problem (from the HMV email that just got sent):


doesn't seem to be quite the right link

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Good catch jogu! hmmmm will have to figure out why that was happening. When I tested it earlier it worked fine.

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Sorted now jogu. Thanks again for pointing that out

one suggestion for the new deal alert page - add a button to clear/uncheck all selections.

Yeah, it's all working great now, thanks Admin

The deal alerts is a great idea


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scrooge - Done.

jogu and johnnypanic thanks for the compliments! I hope it's useful...

How about putting the random Amazon deals in the middle of the other two?

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Moved it to the top spot. How's that?

Yeah That saves scrolling down the page to see them and in an unanimated gif sort of way, it looks good


1. The vouchers now have their own pretty look

Would it be possible to show whether or not there's a minimum spend (and what it is) displayed on all the vouchers on the front page?

I've been trawling the Apple site this morning only to discover it's £230 minimum spend when I looked in the forums for some other info! :roll:

Thanks for your comment Jaffo, I try to add as much info as possible into the listing. For some reason, the amount was not shown on the front page.

I'll have a look as to why..

Cheers Fordy :thumbsup:
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