I've had problems with email subscription notifications for months now. I have sent numerous messages to admin about this through the contact us forms, but have had no response!!! :?

Have you checked your email providers spam boxes, in case they're not getting through?

Also, fancy posting a screenshot of your ]custom settings please?

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Hi Emma thanks for the reply :thumbsup:

My spam filter is set to OFF by default.

Custom settings as below..


Ok Thanks. Looking at your custom RSS feed there are deals in there, so there is no reason why they shouldn't be getting to your email.

Can I ask a silly question - can you make sure you have the correct email in your profile please? You didn't change it or anything... etc...

OK, so I changed my email alerts to the exact same as yours, and they came through no problem. I really think this is a problem on your end?

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Just rechecked the email address in my profile Emma for sakes sake [even though I'm getting reply alerts to posts, such as this one] and it is correct.

Just to add to the confusion, I never received an e-alert to your initial reply asking for the screenshot, yet I did to your second which is odd.

The alerts used to come through fine and did so for several months then for no reason stopped. I have no blocks on incoming mail from hotuk [it's actually added to my 'safe senders' list] and I dont use a spam filter

Any further ideas?

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I really think this is a problem on your end?

..and it was :thumbsup:

Problem sorted through you prompting me to look a bit deeper into the obvious :roll:

Apols :oops:

What was the issue?

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My mail server is on yahoo, I have a main account with several sub-accounts, and all my mail is read through OE via POP Forwarding.

When I was checking the spam filtering on yahoo I was logging in using the main email account and spam filtering was set to OFF, I thought this setting applied to all sub accounts but when I logged in with the sub account that's registered with hotuk the Spam filtering was ON and several thousand deal alerts were in the junk folder :oops: It must have switched on the spam filtering of its own accord as I never touched it, thats my story and I'm sticking to it :whistling:

Hope that drivel made sense..

Sorry to hijack your thread Arbk66 but what am I doing wrong Emma? Why don't I get email subscription notifications when new posts are made to threads to which I am subscribed?

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Sorry to hijack your thread Arbk66

Hijack away Emmsa76 :thumbsup:


Hijack away Emmsa76 :thumbsup:

Very kind of you, thought it was worth a try seeing as no one replies to my messages :-(

Emmsa, all I can do is ask you to read the above.. post a screenshot of your settings... i can change mine to the exact same... if it works, it's a problem on your end (which is the likely outcome).

Is it going to be the same for me, as I don't want deal alerts I want notification of posts made to Subscribed Threads? Some are sent to instant, some daily but I never receive any emails.

Without any more info, as no one else is having issues, I really think it is a problem on your end Emmsa.

Perhaps you could try changing your email address to something else, and see if they work ?

I know I can receive emails from yourself come, as if I change the settings to receive emails from deals all is received!!!

& the subscription notifications used to work up until about say 5 months ago, and that is when I started trying to contact yourselves to no avail.

Please post a screenshot of the subscription settings in your userCP.


As an alternative to getting deal alert emails, you could try getting updates in your browser.

See my guide here: hotukdeals.com/ite…wi/

Can't get my print screen to work at the moment but under the Receive Email/RSS Alerts the box by the Send alerts via Email is ticked.

What about in your] edit options page? What are the subscritptions set to? (Default Thread Subscription Mode)

Sorry for the delay in replying, I appreciate your help. Again I can't get the print screen to work to show you, but yes the

Default Thread Subscription Mode is set to Instant email notification.

As I said I can get emails of deals etc to be sent to my email address but not when posts are made to threads I am subscribed too!

]Emmsa76 - this is all I can think of for now: the 2 different types of email come from different email addresses, so maybe your email provider is blocking one?

To see if this is true: could you change your email to a brand new account, for example, set up a free yahoo one? Pop it in your HUKD account, making sure you click the email activation when it arrives.

This way, you can tell us what emails make it through, and might shed a bit more light on where the problem actually is If both sets of emails, the deal alerts and the thread subs make it through to the new email account... then we can tell that it is a problem with your current provider.

Do you mind trying that?

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SAFE-mail has a rapid sign-up process if your looking for a quick email account for eval

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