Glitch on Mens Trousers. 2 pairs for £12.50 delivered @ Marks and Spencer when they're £9.50 a pair
Found by saintscouple, made hot

I don't know why but it's not considered hot.

Hmmm bizarre. It should be? I gave you some heat and it's showing in the Hottest Deals Today

Tried it earlier, added heat etc, couldn't find any way of making it show on the hot tab. Everywhere else it was showing fine.

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Cheers guys, i though my eyesight was failing me. Strange though it can be one of the hottest deals of the day, though not worthy of a spot under the hot tab........ kinda makes me feel special :-D

Well it should be under the hot tab - the server must have been having tea when it was made hot or something. I haven't seen it happen before!

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Classic....... someone give me a hot deal to post and i'll see if i can do it again lol.
I really can't see this deal lasting for much longer anyhows, judging by the number of calls being made to their customer service department. :-D

Its a glitch on HOTUKDEALS and not on M&S
or the HOTUKDEALS has been hacked by M&S
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