It was already posted twice recently, here is a link to the one remaining post


I'm sorry you were not PM'd re the duplicate.

It wasnt me that removed it, but as said, sorry.

We do our best to make members aware when a post is removed, but this one must have slipped the net.

Original Poster

Thank you for providing proof on this.

I have had a few deals recently removed in which I have never recieved any reason why but I guess as you have said they can from time to time slip the net.

Thanks again

why post 'why did noone tell me it got removed'?
this time it appears a mod removed it but often they get user spammed - which member should pm you?
members clearly stated it was spam so i think thats a good pointer.
the item you posted the deal for was 'powerdown' which would have come up in search.
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