You should post this in "Feedback".

sounds like a good idea to me.

Sorry folks, I had to remove the off topic posts as this is now moved to the feedback forum.

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"You should post this in "Feedback"."

Had never even noticed the feedback thread before despite being a member here for over 2 years !
Will probably post it over there then, but first :

"i think this post should be 'Wanted' as its terrible"

Umm, have I done something wrong ?
I noticed that there are far more "Wanted" posts these days than there used to be, and that they're not actually covered in the title "For Sale/Trade".
Just making an observation. What's so "terrible" about that ?

Edit : Ignore the second part of this post. I typed it in response to a rather snotty (and un-warranted) reply I received about my topic before Emma deleted said reply.

mine wasnt off topic - n lol, dont let it ruin ur life pal, was a joke on an internet forum :-/

Think its just to keep the title concise really, 'For Sale\Trade\Wanted' would be excessively long for a forum title and I can understand the desire to keep all personal trading (ie for sale and wanted posts) within one forum. However, 'For Sale\Wanted' is not much longer than the current name and perhaps more descriptive?

Get in line....we want our 'Help' forum first
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