Good idea :thumbsup:

Good idea. I'm not sure most will understand the d(heat)/dt stuff, but it's good to see a good idea for a change.

Good idea but as soon a most of us pick up on a super HOT deal it's heated in minutes, i.e: I have a +9 / -9 heat / cold vote so if me and others picked up on a HOT deal it would only take 8 people to heat it to 72 and put in on the top of the HOT page.

But sometimes the greedy gits buy 200 items at a 10p misprice :x don't vote so it's sold out before you blink.

If a deal hasn't got to 64 the current score for the HOT page by a day it aint appealing to many :thumbsup:

In a way it kind of works like this now b/c Hot will show you the newest item to go over a temp threshold (think it's at like 70 degrees or something). So it is showing you the most recent deal that got heated up at least that far.


The hot tab works just fine http://www.hotukdeals.com/all/all/hot

This doesn't illustrate the rate of heat increase, only that it is hot

Haha, I think that the title of this thread may be too technical/mathsy for most.

EDIT: So, you mean they could be scored by:

Score = Heat / Number of hours since posting ??

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that was the way I could see it to be easily implemented in the first instance (as in OP) - it could become more accurate as the number of users voting increased, and the weight to each hot vote was reduced.

But now, thinking about it 24 hours later, I want a rate of rate of change too!
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