I understand the rules to be inclusive of postage...also to mention any quidco cashback but not to deduct it from the price shown on the deal (inclusive of postage)

Just looking at that with a post that was made recently.

In most cases, we encourage people to always include the postage costs, either in the total price shown, or shown in the post somewhere.

The only time where the total price is not shown with postage is where collect-at-store is available.

With the varying postage prices between stores, for some items, the postage can be a killer. So I usually add it into all deals, if someone has not included it. (Those that I spot anyway)

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Thanks, that was the impression i was under

Yup as emma said. Post the final price. Even if it's available to collect in store the postage should be mentioned int he post.

Thanks for confirming that as well Paul.

If you guys see any posts without delivery, a few seconds of your time would be appreciated - if you could possibly post how much it should be, or encourage the OP to add it into their post

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Well that's kinda why my question came up.
I don't mind tbh either finding myself by trying to buy, or asking OP to add it, we'll see how it works.

Thanks again mind for confirming it

Makes sense to add postage. You'll be more helpful to people, they may rep you for it

When I joined HUKD, I was asked by Emma to add the postage to deals and have found it to be sound advice.

It seems particularly relevent now during the sales. Recently I have found a few items reduced by more than 70% but had to discard the deal because of the postage cost. Sometimes another search can find a similar deal with less reduction in price but free delivery.

I admit that some sites make it almost impossible to find the delivery rates but it does help to know them before posting a deal. It can be bit of a let down to post what you think is a real bargain, only for someone to point out that the postage or delivery charge for a £50 'bargain' is £25.:oops:

I agree, it can be difficult to find the exact postage charge on more than a few sites. There's a few that you have to add items to your basket, sign in, and go most of the way through the checkout before they tell you the exact charge. Some only tell you the pre-VAT postage charge unless you go through this process to find the total cost.

I often run from those sites or give up.:? I need a bit more online experience to tackle them with confidence.:roll:
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