Hi @gemma.violet Thanks for providing your feedback here.

We don't remove content from hotukdeals unless any of our site rules are being breached. We are a community site where members can post content from on and off the web which they believe the rest of the community will want to know about.

We would never want to cause problems for any merchant which appears on hotukdeals but when offers/posts like these are obtainable it is up to our community to ensure they meet the requirements of the merchant and also for the merchant to ensure anyone benefiting from that is eligible.

As a member of the MBA feel free to pop into the thread and join in the discussion and maybe make members aware of some of the things they might have missed.
Gemma is right here. Is there a rule around inventing deals that don't exist? There is no merchant in this case. Bothies are maintained by a team of volunteers and often destroyed or vandalised by people who don't understand the ethos of the mountains.
As Gemma says above, these places are in remote areas and people without adequate mountain skills or kit may end up needing a mountain rescue. Mountain rescue are another voluntary service who are already really busy and using their personal time to help people in need in the mountains and remote areas.
Please remove this post.
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