Could you please point me to the thread in Hot Deals for this? Thanks.

I don't recall seeing psgamesonline in our list of retailers.

In fact it's not been in here at any time as far as I can see.

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Sorry Rayman, was posted on a another site which offers deals as well, I just copied the post I put on there

Ah okay No problem and good to know just in case it's posted in HotUKDeals ;-) Thanks!

chances are its got lost in post they have probably been scammed before by people claiming they haven't received it when they have but that is not your fault .i would love to know what proof they have because unless it has been tracked and signed for there is no proof .hence the refund as paypal would insist they give refund unless they can provide tracking which they couldn't obviously .if they dont send items recorded or tracked then it is at their risk .they can claim it back from postal company anyway .
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