did the reply to a post have a link in?

It might have been a duplicate deal, what was the deal for?

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Reply did have a link.. as I found a deal 9p cheaper... so that could be it for the reply! As for the deal it was the 9p cheaper deal that I found on a belkin cushtop from Blah DVD (there is currently one from play.com which is 9p more)..

If its a case of not being allowed to post if something similar is around - how do I let people know of a better deal? Thanks to you both so far for your help

Robbie, the only threads I can see that you have created are this one, and ]this one. I can't see any that have been removed.

As for replies in threads, comments are subject to moderation until you reach a certain level of posts.


Only comments with links/pics in them isn't it?

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