no sorry admin i don't like it either

I don't like it but it's better than nothing.
Took me 4 hours to log on today.
Very unprofessional, all these log in problems.

Hey, it's back to 'normal'.
Nice one and well done to whoever sorted it

No it was disaster recovery. The software was upgraded and not fully bug tested before going to bed and then panic in the morning. Really really sorry guys. as you say dinosteveus, not professional at all.

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weyyyyy im back

On the bright side the time is now correct

Moving this to Comments and Suggestions forum....

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some images are missing

anyone else get the feeling of, it we pay for it, then we should get the right to complain?....

I've been at work for 5 hours with no HUKD!!! ARGH!!!! All that just to change the server time!!!???!!! :!:

No, the whole system has been upgraded. See ideally you wouldn't have noticed at all...however it didn't go quite that smoothly. There's not really any front end things you can see but on the backend there have been some large changes. Hopefully we won't get the sluggish lock outs anymore.

Large changes at the back end...... my mind is in the gutter....!


Large changes at the back end...... my mind is in the gutter....!


Thanks for the update Admin.
I hope everything runs smoothly and you don't have any more problems with your 'backend' :P

Nice work Admin... hopefully that small amount of downtime we've had today (which to be fair all sites have at some time or another) will prevent any downtime in the future like we've been seeing.

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