About time we had a post

Its been the worst today ever!

Any chance we can get a seperate stand alone page that will be up no matter what!?

Hosted on a blog or something?

I think it is fairly easy to create a page that will check whether the DB is responding properly and if not will re-direct to another page stating something like "We are currently experiencing a high load on our servers, please check back later".

I suggested a re-direct to a game of Pac Man or Tetris to keep you all busy until it was stable again. ;-)

And here was me thinking i had been banned :giggle:
Thanks for the update though, i know it cannot be nice from your end so to speak :thumbsup:

Yer i couldnt get on for hours and it made me reaslie i gotta get out more

I've been having trouble here and with googlemail but was blaming my new Sky Broadband... maybe I owe them an apology! ;-)

Yes, a redirect would be handy, maybe to mse................ only joking

hotukdeals still the best!

Yer, the redirecting us to a game is a good idea.



I thought it might have been a trading company that UKHDs had upset!
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