I think the site is having a few 'problems', persevere, you'll get there.

As dino says, persevere, as the site is having a few problems at the moment, apologies for that. However, everything should be back to normal by Monday we hope.

]tgbyhn10 - have you checked off Remember Me as recommended on the front forum page? I think that will solve your problem while we tweak things.

Just a word in your shell like tgbyhn10..don't get p****d off with this site..cos the members here are really the bees knees...just get involved..please.

Agreed it's annoying, but this site more than makes up for any annoyance with all the great posts. Keep up the good work.


Yup it is annoying but it is temporary and we should have it fixed soon.

Out of interest whats causing the probs admin? Is it some new features your adding or did you just fancy a play?

We added another server. So now we have two servers sharing the load on the front end. The problem is that vB is losing the session if you don't use Remember Me. So we're looking for the best way to solve that.

Arr ok, il let you off then, hehe, keep up the good work
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