Changed a while ago. Was it not accurate?

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For some of the itv competitions the URLs are identical e.g itv.com/lif…tml is used every week as the competition expires before it is next used.

However, over the last week or so, when I've been putting in the Golden Balls or Real Deal URLs in, it has been finding competitions that used the same url but were expired months ago.

If you enter itv.com/lif…tml into the competition url submission field it asks if the following post is a duplicate;

hotukdeals.com/ite…-it - yet none of the Wednesday Real Deal competitions I've posted since you introduced the duplicate check has brought up a past competition with the same url.

Just wondered if something had changed in the last week to make it start detecting old, expired competitions as possible duplicates.

If the urls are identical you can still submit the deal, just ignore the flag.

Are you saying it might not have been working before but is now?

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I'm saying it has only just started flagging these old, expired competitions within the last week. While the alert system has been in place it has never flagged the previous week's competition as a possible duplicate - I have been posting these daily which is why I'm noticing it suddenly bringing up all of these expired posts.

I am ignoring the flags... it's just irritating and will be a complete pain in the backside if it starts doing it for all of the other ITV competitions that use identicle urls - Today's Real Deal competition url is also bringing up an old post from months ago (each competition is only open for about 5 working days).
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