Hit the http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/custom_buttons/report.gif report button by the avatar of the original post and type "duplicate" in the reason box and this will alert the mods to it. It also makes our job easier if you provide a link to the original thread in that box.

Also, you can click the "spam" button and tell members that you have done so because it's a duplicate and provide the link. If enough of you do it then the post will disappear.

Finally, if the original thread hasn't been posted in for a couple of days it may be worth bumping it up by saying "thanks to [new deal poster name] for pointing out that this is still available!" to encourage posters (particularly new members) that their efforts are not wasted.

Hope that helps.

There have been loads of duplicate threads since the new forum has been implemented but not much seems to be done about them. Don't you guys merge/close duplicate threads when we report them?

Yeah, generally we do. Although as with all things on the site it can be case-by-case basis: e.g. if there's a development in the deal or the old post is a few months old as it's an ongoing deal then we may decide to leave it.
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