already posted..... sorry couldn't resist it.

If there duplicates spam them? That's what the functions for.

True but the search function is poor and you dont always see them so dont blame the OP.

To be fair, the search function has been rubbish here since the site was updated. Try looking for a deal that you have already seen.

Yesterday I looked for a deal link that I had used last week, to check if it was still valid. After wasting time searching here, I gave up and looked through Firefox history to find the page.

It's not surprising that many deals are duplicated and usually someone soon lets the OP know.


try looking up "sony tv" with the search and you'll soon understand why ther are so many dupes

the search is the worst I have ever encountered on any site

.......and by the time you have completed a fruitless search, the deal has been posted by someone else anyway (which you also can't find).

As Adam2050 has said just spam the duplicate threads
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