dvdtrials.co.uk/ provides a list currently.

Personally I prefer having them seperate, or at least in a seperate tab here if it was implemented to keep em out of the way

Good idea I will say I'm on it and hopefully we'll have a preliminary comparison in a week or so. In the meantime check out the link devalia posted as it's quite good.

One thing you should watch for is different sites being 'powered' by the same company.

I almost got caught out recently by Lovefilm who were behing Play rentals, cos i had allready had their free trial through another site they were going to charge my card for a full month, so reaf the small print!


What about compiling a list of the various DVD rental by post companies … What about compiling a list of the various DVD rental by post companies who are offering free trials and other various incentives?



http://www.dvdtrials.co.uk/ provides a list currently.

Nice link

Sign up to the Tesco 14 day free trial and get a free King Arthur ANIMATED DVD.

>> Click here for details <<

Personally I'd avoid Tesco dvd rental, even for a free dvd. My experience with them was dreadful, lost dvd's and a hell of a lot of hassle :x

Also bear in mind, that some rental companies require that the dvd's are back in their possession before they will cancel. Not a problem, if you're aware off it, but a pain if you send the last ones back too close to your billing date.


I used Tesco DVD Rentals for a month trial + a free DVD when they first began. Loads of DVD's with a very fast turnover. So maybe it depends on where you live + also how good your postal services are.

I recommend them + would give them 4**** out of 5*****
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