At the moment, HUKD only allows eBay links in signatures. Having an eBay area would sort of defeat the point of eBay [except members would get free advertising here].

Admin is currently reviewing the eBay situation, but is also very busy right now. However, I'm sure you'll receive a more decisive reply soon.

Personally, I think having the advertising in your signature [as you have above] is enough. You can state the best deal you have on there [as you have done] so people can see instantly if they want to look, or have the time to look.

If advertising was allowed, maybe offering HUKD members exclusive discounts or no postage fees would be good. Hey, you could even do that from your signature

I'd prefer eBay lists kept to eBay + the Hot Deals [including freebies, odds are, sale or trade...] the "focus" of HUKD.

Just my thoughts

Original Poster

Thanks rayman.

Hi chc000074. Yes currently we are limiting eBay to signatures only and I think we'll keep it that way. The whole eBay site is for eBay auctions and people certainly know where to go when they want to buy something off eBay.

The FS forum here is for people to trade with each other in a community and avoid the eBay fees etc. ...having eBay links in it kind of defeats the purpose of why it is there.

Hope you understand

Yes i agree ebay items in signatures only!

SIte Control Man


No Ebay adverts on the HUKD NO NO NO NO NO



PS I stick to the priceple of the SITE!!!!!!


NIce summary mahmud

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