It's for adding extra info and is supposed to be there. I guess it's a "see how it goes" thing at the moment.

Shouldn't be a problem as long as moderators are alert

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got it
can you please remove my comment from edi's post then? I can post there but can't remove my changes.

Okie doke

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10x rayman!

Yeah, it's incase a new detail about it emerges which you want to add.

As always, if anything's not quite right on a deal then let the mods know and we'll look into it.

The idea is that the community can keep the first post updated with any important info so that users don't have to scroll through pages of posts to find out what's happening with a deal.

Only mods can delete the original info, a regular user can't alter another users original info, they can only append to it and it has their name attached.

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I also noticed that ordinary user (such as myself) can not alter its own original post. Can you fix it please? It is quite annoying if you want to rephrase something or to fix mistyped words, etc.
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