The email alerts don't have this feature. I'd suggest that you use RSS.

What email program do you use? If you use Thunderbird then you have an RSS reader built in. If you use Outlook then you can get an add-in. rsspopper.blogspot.com/200…tml

In both programs this will appear like another mail account, and will house all deals above 100 degrees. They'll come through like emails but when you open them it will actually show the deal page, so you'll get a lot more information than you currently have.

You don't have to read RSS in your browser either. Many different programs allow you to view the feed on your desktop or in your web browser. It's a very powerful method of getting the deals to your PC and much more functional than email alerts.

Let us know if you need any help setting it up.

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thank you very much for your helpful post! i use thunder bird so i should be ok! Just a further question does anyone recommend a temperature for a good deal i thought 100 is that right?

They usually go onto the homepage at about 40 I think... so 50 or 60 is probably okay. It's all a bit or trial and error to be completely honest, have a play around until you get the desired number of deals a day. I have my RSS feed deliver all of the deals because it doesn't affect my email and there's not more than 50-100 per day so I can easily browse through the titles each day and delete the ones that I don't want...

If you think that you still aren't getting the desired results then you could go for categories or keywords that interest you. The world is your oyster!!

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again thank you very much, your posts are very helpful!
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