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Seems odd I just just an email telling me about your reply to my article..

Yeah, I'm not getting the deal alert emails anymore either.

My domain is delivered straight to my linux PC, have checked the logs and although article reply notifications are appearing there (and getting to me fine), the deal alerts definitely aren't hitting my box at all.

I'll double check what may be going on here. Sounds like there may be a problem...

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[quote="jogu"]Admin, if it helps this is the last one that arrived:

From [email protected] Wed Mar 15 23:37:01 2006
Subject: Deal Alert: 5 Discount + Free Delivery at AdsditionsDirect.Co.UK

My settings in the deal alerts is just to have My settings are the same. The last deal I got was on 17th about the LinkSys W/Less Modem Router + Laptop Bundle £44.99p Or Less. Hope this helps... also I'm not even getting the reminder that people are replying to this article anymore... got 1 and now nothing....

yeah, I'm not getting any alerts, my guess is they arent being sent lol

They should be sending out ok as it is fully automated once we add an article.

Ok, I think this should be fixed now. Let me know if it still isn't working tomorrow...

Wee, just got 2 emails, its working fine now Cheers Admin....who forgot to load up Outlook then? lol

Yeah, working fine here too - thanks Admin

Great The file that was sending them out was overwritten when the upgrade happened the other day and I didn't notice :oops:

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came home from work and wow a few deal alerts.. well done..
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