Mods on HUKD leave a lot to be desired, and I don't mind saying so as I don't really care if they kill my account.

it can be member spammed if a duplicate post

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http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-360-compatible-accessory-pack-/774919#commentsthis one?

NAHA! So that explains it. Well, when I type "xbox" into the search, that doesn't come up.

It would be since if HDUK would issue a board private message explaining why the removal, just a semi-automated one, so you aren't left scratching your head wondering why your deal's gone.

it only takes 2 members to spam a post to remove it so we dont end up with lots of duplicate posts most will link original post before they spam it so if you put notifications settings to email you will see any posts in the emails even when the post has gone


I have looked into this, and as mentioned by barky above, it was a duplicate post. A member did state within your thread that it was a duplicate post and provided a link. The thread was then spammed by 2 members.

Mods will pm a member if they remove their threads, and do actually spend a lot of time doing this. Regarding the search, a very quick search using the terms +xbox +accessory +pack brings the thread up straight away,

Thread now closed as issue has been addressed

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