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    Hi, unfortunately this isn't something that is planned at the moment, but I will share your feedback with the team.
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    It has been requested many times but it's not possible to hide deals from certain retailers.

    You can hide all local offers or chose to only show local offers in your area (see link below).

    hotukdeals.com/com…422 (edited)
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    feckoffcup Author
    Thanks for this Russ - good job re. the local at least.
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    You can use your ad blocker to hide deals you don't want to see

    Blocking a merchant by name e.g. Argos

    Blocking a deal by title e.g. Nintendo

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    Thanks Killefitz, would i need to just add the url with my choice of keyword to the adblocking list ?
    Would this actually make the deals not appear in the list ?, or still appear in the list but just prevent the url from opening ? (edited)
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    Simple but will be very effective i saw on many nudy adult deals people aren't really interested, so let us just be able to completely not see them censored deals on our feeds.
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    Still no option to filter products? Why even have an account then? That's like the most basic function.
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    Afraid not
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    Thanks for the reply

    Do you know if there is a procedure in place to make suggestions to hotukdeals to improve the user experience ?
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    It’s a great idea. I would kill to remove ebooks and foreign PSN game deals.
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    Is it possible to permanently filter out any Star Wars related deals ?
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