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Well... I am not talking about front page this time - this is all about personal search preferences. I am really tired of going through 5 pages of extremely boring (for me) posts trying to find some good (again, from my POV) deals.
As this forum is growing fast, the amount of useless posts is growing too. And it makes this forum's usability very low, at least for me.
And ability to permanently ban the For Sale forum would be even better!
Oh, and while I am at it - I don't want to see any posts or threads made by users in my killfile.

You want it to only show deals you are interested in on the front page? I am not sure what you mean be search? You want to exclude some categories from search?

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I don't care about front page as I never visit it. I am always using Quick Links->Todays Posts button. This one:

I want to exclude certain retailers, keywords, subforums and threads opened by certain forum members.

This could be feasible on threads but not on posts? Posts aren't associated with any merchants. Would being able to filter on threads be enough?

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I meant on thread level. Blacklisting posts by member's name is already working (sort of).

So, for example, search line would look something like:

I think you've been working on your router's command line for too long I'll pass it on and see what we can do. We're currently using the vB search so I don't think it supports that...

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Not router, but I had recently to upgrade firmware on my Slug and make some samba scripts for it
The search line is just an example, not a 'real' one
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