yep happens to me too


What phone, what browser, just tried it on Opera mini no problems here. The mobile site is crap by the way so make sure you are viewing the full site by clicking the option at the bottom of the page on your phone. It will save your preference.

Help the mods by stating your phone browser and phone type.

I found this an issue with safari on iOS4 when viewing page in standard mode

Expired by me. I didn't realise that old quirk of HUKD's design was still around since I haven't fallen into it myself for a while, but, yeah, it turns out that it is.

I've spammed and expired countless threads by using autoscroll. I press my touchpad's two buttons to enter it, lift off my fingers while I read, and left-click to cancel it. If my cursor happens to be on a link when I hit the button, I click that link, and expire or spam a thread. I've brought it up with hukd staff multiple times, and the consensus is that they don't care enough to get anything done about it.

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i've experienced it on all my touch devices: all iphones, ipad and another 7inch linux touchscreen device.
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