Welcome to HUKD!! Glad you like the site.

Hopefully we'll see you posting as well as just browsing. :thumbsup: Head over to Misc and read some threads, you'll get to know some great people in there.

Welcome to HUKD pin4apple.:)


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Hi thanx for the fab welcome, im having a look round and going in themisc now, bye x

Welcome from me too :-D

Welcome From Me Too - Hope You Have A Good Time Here

And a nice warm welcome from me!! :thumbsup:

And the same from me..my welcomes are always warm...sometimes very HOT!!


Welcome to the forums from me too pin4apple Glad you're saving money already!! :thumbsup:

And a warm welcome from me too:thumbsup:

Yeh i love this site to saved so much money over the past few years.

Northampton Borough Council's Great Achievements :
The guided bus system £50million super cheap compared to nottinghams 400million tram

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Wow what lovely people, its friendlier on here than on any other chat site

I've always found that with HUKD. We're pretty relaxed here. Users have as much imput as possible in most areas, and everyone has fun!!

Welcome buddy.

Just ignore me most of the time because I am normally drunk. But the times I am not I try my best.

Aww, it's good to have a nice post after all the recent bickering. Welcome pin4pple, you'll save a lot more money if you stick around

Yup welcome here ]pin4apple, the more the merrier

umm an essex girl ? :w00t: hehe kidding, yeah saves mr some good ££s here! welcome!:)

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Hi every1, i love reading every1,s posts, this is a fab site, im going to have a browse now, ive noticed no ones not put there pics on, come on guys i want to see what you all look like

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Ive just saved another fiver off a toy for my boys birthday, its that shooting duck toy on IWOOT
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