yes when someone votes hot on your deal you recieve a notification, but not not when someone votes cold.
could be for any reason why someone wants to vote a deal cold - they just don't think it's a good price, they dislike the product, they dislike the seller, or the post is inaccurate in some way or is a duplicate.
I wonder sometimes if some people like to vote cold for no reason at all for fun but I doubt many people would do that.

the benefit of going 'hot' which is going above 100° is that it then appears in the hot section of the site which is also the homepage. I would think many people only use this section never knowing about the 'new' section which is where all deals including those under 101° can be found.

I agree with you about voting cold on perfectly good deals

The best "Deal" is a subjective* view of anything to do with the product thread (such as the merchant's past history, the non-guaranteed cashback, the colour/dimensions of the item, any comparative products, the day of the week, whether the member voting had run out of butter for their morning toast, or anything else connected/unconnected with the "Deal"), apparently.

(* Not everybody is you, hence why voting differs)

A previous thread of note...

Can we please have the rules/guidelines on Voting made more clear??

Specifically, comment #56...

Hi - I am fairly new to this and think it's a great site. I have read the … Hi - I am fairly new to this and think it's a great site. I have read the Help section (which did help!) but don't understand why other users vote cold on things which seem to me a good deal.....

If you are cold voting a deal, it is good forum etiquette to post a note … If you are cold voting a deal, it is good forum etiquette to post a note in the deal as to why you have done so. There is nothing more confusing to a new member, than to post a deal, only to see it go cold with no explanation. If you found the item cheaper elsewhere, please let us know where and how. If you have no interest or knowledge about the deal at all, please don’t vote cold, just move on.HUKD has systems in place to detect serial cold voters, and it may lead to a ban from the forums, as it is against the code of conduct.

Also, "Cold Voting", & the ironically-titled "EXPIRED - Can you get banned for voting cold too often?" (created by a member that is now banned).

There is a whole lifetime's worth of discussion(s) on the subject:

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Plus: =8&categories[]=All&advanced_search=Advanced+Search]Advanced Search Results for "cold"


Regardless of past discussions, in order to vote negatively (cold) on "Deals" you are (now) expected to leave a reason!

I would point you to the discussion, but the thread has been marked as "spam":

[ hotukdeals.com/mis…473 ]

If you do not provide a reason, & vote negatively too many times, you may receive a message advising you that you are in receipt of infraction points:

[ hotukdeals.com/fee…529 ]

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Thanks everyone - some useful comments.
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